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Beginning. History of the company dates back to 1966, when Dacia was established with the help of the French Renault. Two years later, he opened a factory in Colibaşi cars. Production started on the model 1100, which was made under license from Renault 8th

Development. The first Dacia was a popular car model 1300. It was shown in 1969, including at the fair in Paris and Bucharest. Due to the fact that the car in the socialist countries were not widely available, "1300" has gained a great popularity. Already in 1970, produced several variants of the car: the standard 1300, 1300l (Lux) and the 1301 Super Lux, who had a heated rear window, mirrors on both sides, and more luxurious facilities. This model has been reserved for the prominent activists of the Communist Party. For 34 years produced more than 2.5 million "1300". Auto you can fix it yourself, many Romanians przerabiało them on their own. Fully original copies are rare, and their prices are very high amount.

Today. In September 1999, Renault bought Dacia. French tycoon intended to transform a factory in Romania in the center of the development of cars produced in Eastern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe. Cars manufactured today gather positive feedback. An example is eg Logan and Duster. These cars are known for their simplicity and reliability. Especially Logan model, introduced in 2004, is considered the most successful since "1300".

Trivia. The company is the largest exporter in Romania, with 10 percent of the total exports. During the production of the "1300" on exports went better copies, made with more care.

Most contemporary models: Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero, Dacia Duster.

Tires. One of the companies that fit the Dacia models in your tire is Goodyear. Dacia Logan is offered with tires in size 185/65 R15. Logan is equipped with Goodyear DuraGrip model. Standard equipment on vehicles Dacia models are Dunlop Cargo G26. The tires for the Dacia Sandero (also 185/65 R15) provides Continental. On equipped vehicles was ContiEcoContact third model