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Beginning. Dodge Company began producing cars under its own brand in 1914. Dodge Brothers before producing bicycles and machine parts. Later manufactured bearings, especially for Oldsmobile. Since 1902 Dodge produced the engines and some parts for Ford (Model T). Not surprisingly, the first Dodge model - Model 30 - was modeled on the Ford T. But he had better equipment and cost more. This model has become popular among the middle class.

Development. In 1920, the founders died, and the widow of power include them. In 1928, the company ends up in the hands of Chrysler, and thus joins the big three American automotive industry from Detroit. Seven years later, the brand is celebrating trzymilionowego produce a copy. Since 1953, with the introduction of V8 Hemi engine, Dodge is beginning to be seen as the best sports brand in the portfolio of Chrysler. Dodge Cars also change your appearance - are longer, wider and lower. But there are exceptions. Lancer is the first in the history of the compact - it is smaller and lighter than their predecessors. His appearance in 1961 makes with other Chrysler cars built on the same platform takes almost half of the compact segment in the United States. And it is compact and small cars (such as produced in collaboration with Mitsubishi Colt) allow us to survive the oil crisis in 1973. A very important moment for the company is the year 1989, when he appeared Viper sports car, referring to the muscle cars produced to the oil crisis.

Today. Dodge is now the corporation Chrysler Holding LLC. In 2009, the company declared bankruptcy. Currently, Chrysler is owned by: - ‚Äč‚ÄčTrade unions (68 percent.) - Fiat SpA (20 per cent. Expandable to 35 percent.) - United States (Treasury) (10 percent.) - Canada (Treasury) (2 per cent.).

Contribution to the automotive industry. The very first model had a steel hull Dodge, while the competition was using the wooden frame under the steel panels. Novelty was also a 12-volt electrical system (other manufacturers commonly used 6-volt system to 50s) and moved the shift lever (the Ford T used the planetary gear).v

Trivia. Dodge is a company with great success sports. In 1956, the brand's cars won 11 NASCAR event in the series, and set up 196 different speed records at the bottom of Lake Bonneville.

Some models produced today: Avanger Dodge, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Journey, Dodge Nitro.

Tires. Dodge is a typically American brand cars. Therefore, tire sizes, in which it is equipped Dodge also is typical for the United States and less typical for Europe. Dodge is equipped with tires of sizes eg: 215/60 R17, 215/55 R17, 235/70 R16, 235/65 R17, 215/65 R16, 225/55 R16.