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Beginning. The first Mini was produced in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). The work on the car after the oil crisis began in 1956. Sales of large cars declined, and the UK authorities wondered even the rationing of fuel. They decided to create a car with a small engine that does not need to design from scratch. The project dealt with Alec Issigonic. In 1957 he presented a prototype, which has been named the color "orange box". Car is equipped with a liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 848 cubic centimeters and the power of 34 horsepower. The drive was carried on the front axle and the passenger was quite roomy. Mini dziesięciocalowe was equipped with wheels designed specifically for them brand new tires. This task was undertaken by Dunlop.

Development. In later years, the car was produced, among others, Italy, Australia, Chile, Spain and South Africa. BMC for a long time is not modernized car. An interesting fact is that for nearly a decade after the start of production of the Mini was not possible to drain the glass. In 1967, the second installment is shown marked with a Mini MkII. Despite the modern design model is not selling very well. Mini was built based on a few other structures that have different names.

Today. In 2000, he went to the Bavarian Mini BMW. The company has grown a little car, but did not deprive him of his soul. In 2007, the facelift was performed, also plans to launch the production version of the field. Since the beginning of production for four decades produced almost 5.5 million copies.

Contribution to the automotive industry. Mini is considered a British icon of the sixties. Some compare his contribution to the automotive industry with the German Volkswagen Beetle. In 1999, the Mini is selected the second most influential car of the twentieth century (the Ford T).

Trivia. The first Mini, despite the obvious advantages and nice design, it enjoyed great popularity. The cars involved in the promotion of rock musicians - the Queen and the Beatles. This made the car began to interest the British. Mini popularity owes it success in rallying. The creator of the car for the race was John Cooper, from whose name she took a variety of sports Mini (Cooper & Cooper S). These models three times won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967.

Popular models: Mini Clubman, Mini Cooper, Mini One, Mini Works.

Tires. There are many models of Mini Cooper. They differ not only by their appearance and equipment, but also the performance. It also determines the size of the tires, which can be used in them. Mini Cooper may be equipped with tires of sizes from 15 to 18 inches. Sample sizes: 175/65 R15, 175/60 ​​R16, 195/55 R16, 205/45 R17, 205/40 R18, 235/35 R19. Many tire manufacturers equip Mini Coopery original equipment tires. Some examples: Mini Cooper S Works uses Dunlop SP Sport 01 DSST *. And the Mini Cooper S Convertible uses the Dunlop SP Sport 200 * E. In various models of the MINI can also be found Goodyear brand tires such as Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2, Excellence and UltraGrip 7 +.