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Beginning. Ferdinand Porsche founded his own company to produce cars in 1947. However, the founder worked previously in the automotive industry - in 1931, created a design office. In 1949, the model rolled off the production lines of 356, which many of the Volkswagen Beetle inherited (eg air-cooled engine, 4-cylinder boxer engine and suspension). Both cars combined the individual designer body - Erwin commands.

Development. In 1963 there was a breakthrough - presented model Porsche 911 Today's automotive icon was 6-cylinder engine of his own design in the rear. Since the mid-70s to mid-90s Porsche models were divided into small (four-cylinder engine), medium (six-cylinder) and large (eight-cylinder engine). Porsche's history is intertwined with the history of Volkswagen. The cars of the first companies to apply today many parts of Volkswagen. Model Cayenne shares its floorpan, and some of the Touareg engines.

Today. It was the emergence of the early twenty-first century, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (2002) and the Porsche Carrera GT (2004) led to the current fortunes of the company. The second model was equipped with the most powerful engine in the history of the brand - Porsche Carrera GT engine concealed under the mask of power 605 hp. In May 2006, Porsche has won the title of the most prestigious automotive brand. This title is awarded by the New York-based Luxury Institute. In mid-2009, the carmaker Volkswagen finally decided that it will take 42 per cent share of sports car manufacturer Porsche, paying for it up to 3.3 billion euros. Full integration of the two companies will be at the end of 2011. Porsche will be the tenth belongs to the Volkswagen brand cars. It is worth noting that currently the main shareholder of the company is Volkswagen Dr. Ferry hc Porsche AG, which held 50.76 percent. company's shares.

Contribution to the automotive industry. The company is one of the most successful sports car brands. By 2000, Porsche cars won more than 24000 races and races. Porsche specialized mainly in long distance races.

Trivia. Ferdinand Porsche was the designer of the Volkswagen Beetle carrying. In early 2009, Porsche introduced its offer diesel engine, mounted in the Cayenne Diesel, with a capacity of 3 liters and 240 hp of maximum power. This engine comes from the Volkswagen AG, and is mounted such in Audi. PorscheDesign Company manufactures gadgets for drivers and fans of the brand. Porsche logo is used by other companies (Adidas shoes, watches Eterna, accessories and Siemens appliances including Interior Franke). The most expensive model Porsche has ever produced, is the Carrera GT in 2004 for 450 thousand. euro.

Most models of Porsche: Porsche 911, Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne.

Tires. Porsche is a brand that work all the major tire manufacturers in the world. Tires approved for Porsche are marked NO, N1, N2, N3, N4. Michelin provides tires for the Porsche Cayenne (Diamaris Michelin). Dunlop provides tire for Porsche 911 Boxster and Porsche Caynne (models Dunlop SP Sport 9090 Dunlop Grandtrek WT and M2). Very rich collaboration boasts Bridgestone Bridgestone which provides models: S02, RE050, RE050 A, S02A, ER30, Dueler HP Sport in sizes from 205/50 R17, the 255/40 R18 up to a size 275/40 R20. They cover the demand of such cars as the Porsche Boxter, Porsche 911, Porsche Cayman, and many others. On the other znanek brands can even replace Yokohama (Advan Sport V103 models, AVS S1-Z, AVS Sport), Pirelli (P Zero Rosso) or technology Goodyeary Run On Flat.